Local Love: Gonzo’s Pollo

by Aimee Roberts

It’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Baldwin Street! We love our neighbors at our Nest Realty office in Staunton, Virginia, and Gonzo’s Pollo is the epitome of neighborliness!

Gonzo and his family immigrated to Washington, D.C., from Peru when he was a young boy. Now, after turning his hobby into a culinary testament to his roots, Gonzo is excited to share the chicken of his people with the Staunton community. Peruvian chicken is the focus of this delightful food truck, located at 212 N. Central Ave. Charbroiled, flavorful, and made with love and pride—that’s how we’d describe Gonzo’s Pollo!

Upon learning it was my first time at the food truck, Gonzo stepped out of the truck and told me the food’s story. “The beans and rice, it’s my mother’s recipe,” he said. “And it’ll be the best beans and rice you’ll ever have.”

Gonzo was right.

Food with a story just tastes better, and I walked back around the corner to our office and enjoyed the Peruvian chicken, beans, rice, and plantains with a smile. Heartwarming is the best way to describe the experience at Gonzo’s Pollo.

And now, some big news that we can’t wait to share with you: Gonzo’s Pollo has a dish called the Nest! I told Gonzo’s wife that we’d be back to try it, and on Wednesday, we were. Thanks, Chef J, for this creative culinary treat!

Here’s a before.

And an after.

Visit Gonzo’s Pollo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (check out their website for more info). And feel free to stop by our office when you’re in the neighborhood!

There’s No Place Like Gonzo’s Pollo.

Header photo courtesy of GonzosPollo.com.

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