September is Literacy Month!

Celebrate Books with Nest Realty Morganton

September is literacy month, and one thing we love to do is read! This summer weather made for a page turning summer (wink wink), but the cooler weather has us wanting to curl up in a chair with a blanket and a good book. Follow along as we share what some of our agents are currently reading and some of their fan favorites.


“My favorite book is whatever book I’m reading at the time. Pretty much, I love them all! Anything by Kristy Woodson Harvey, she is a great Southern writer. Right now I am reading The Power of Moments and 28 Summers is on my bedside table.”


“The Harry Potter series! They were great books, and it helped that I read them with my kids.”


“The Harry Potter series…might sound basic, but it is a great series. It was great when I read it in middle school and high school, and it is still engrossing when I re-read it today! There is something special about getting to read about a world that has so many parallels to our own, with an entire universe of magic mixed in that only a select few get to enjoy. Currently I’m reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. I always love a true story. This one is highlighting the injustices in the U.S. judicial system, which are still prevalent today.”


“I had an Appalachian literature class in college where I was introduced to my favorite author, Silas House. His book A Parchment of Leaves is hands-down my favorite book I’ve ever read. Anything by Ron Rash is also great. Currently I am reading a book for marketing and content creation called The Content Fuel Framework that was written by a grad school professor of mine.”

Our favorite bookstores to visit:

1. Adventure Bound Books
2. Thornwell Books. Make sure to grab a latte while you’re there.
3. The Burke County Public Library. Get lost in the smell of those pages. When was the last time you went to the library?

What are some of your all-time favorite reads? We’d love to hear about them! Happy Literacy Month!

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