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shop local

Nest Realty is proud of our Local Love campaign throughout the year, but we’re especially proud this holiday season to spotlight local businesses. Many are dependent on holiday shopping and dining income. It’s important to shop local this holiday season since many of our local restaurants and retail shops have been in recovery mode and many are still operating with limited capacity, due to the COVID crisis. Most small businesses in our community who have survived 2021 have done so through their entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding creativity. Join us as we love on our local businesses throughout the upcoming holiday season. Watch for our Local Love posts highlighting some of our favorites.

shop local

Supporting small businesses makes a huge impact in our local community, with about $0.67 staying in our local community. Now think about this—$1.00 spent here in Burke County at a small business creates an additional $0.50 right here in our town. How? Let’s say you go to dinner and tip your waiter/waitress. For every $1.00 they earn, they turn around and then shop in another local store, eat in a local restaurant, grab a cup of coffee around town, support a farmer at the farmers market, get their clothes dry cleaned locally…you get the idea. Shopping locally isn’t just good for our community—it’s GREAT for our community! Remember to SHOP LOCAL as often as you can.

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