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ph: 540.250.7359
Wherever you are on your real estate journey, Karen is prepared to listen, respond, problem-solve, and advocate for you every step of the way.
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Fun Facts About Me

What is my “happy place”?

Hanging out on my back deck grilling a great meal in the summer

What was my first car?

I shared my first car with my big brothers. It was a Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon we affectionately called "the pig."

What was the most impactful experience of my life?

Giving birth to our baby girl, Callaway. It was so many years ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday.

What would my dream job be in another life?

To create beautiful recycled pieces as a furniture flipper.

What do I do in my spare time?

I love to stay active. I'm a long-time runner, and if I go too long without a run, I don't feel quite right.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasures are wine and dark chocolate - often together!

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