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The truth is, we don't hire every agent we meet. An agent only becomes a Nest agent through a rigorous review process. That process includes reaching out to past clients for feedback and ensuring the agent's level of commitment and passion for helping clients matches ours.
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Why Use a Nest Agent?

Full-Time. All The Time.

All Nest brokers are full-time REALTORS with the experience, knowledge, and track record to help you navigate even the most complicated real estate transactions.

We Sell More. Period.

Nest brokers average 4 times more sales annually than the 'average' Realtor. That means listing with us is a win for you.

Our Agents

  • Jeremy Hart
  • Rachel Hogan
  • Tim Hudson
  • Steve Bodtke and Jim Sarver
  • Nancy Massey
  • Skip Slocum

Our Staff

  • Sara Belkowitz
  • Jasmine Bible
  • Ashley Mauldin
  • Kathy Stone
  • Debi Thompson
  • Taylor Tice
  • Taylor Von Herbulis

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