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Hello, We’re Nest Realty.
It’s nice to meet you.

We help people buy and sell real estate, but that’s only part of our story.

We’re a different kind of real estate brokerage. Our difference is born from our belief that buying and selling real estate is the most important financial decision our clients will ever make.

Since 2008, this belief has guided us to measure success by something more than the number of yard signs we plant, how many agents we hire, or the awards we win. For us, true success comes from helping people move easily and joyfully into the next chapter of their lives.

Why Become
a Nest Agent?

We’re Passionate About Nurturing You

Nest is more than just a place for you to “hang your license.” Since Day 1, we’ve been a company built by agents, for agents. And, we see the relationship between a brokerage and an agent as a true partnership, not just someone who provides yard signs, a copier, and commission checks.

As a progressive brokerage with the goal of being the best, we take pride in the fact that you’re considering trusting your business with our brand. We take that responsibility seriously.

To that end, our promise to you is that we’ll be there to support you and provide you with the tools, services, technology, and training that empower you to provide the best service to your clients.

Unparalleled Marketing Support & Design

Our marketing team strives to support our agents, so they can be ever more productive and efficient with their business – and be a proud part of Nest. With beautifully designed marketing materials, business planning guidance, assistance with custom marketing efforts, we’re doing everything we can to help you look amazing. Plus, our turnkey client marketing program, Friends of Nest, is sure to knock your – and your clients’ – socks off.

Quality Over Quantity

We’re not a brokerage driven by just numbers. For us, success is building a team of like-minded professionals intently focused on providing their clients with the best possible service and representation.

When it comes to partnering with agents, we’ve taken a page from Jerry Maguire’s ‘fewer clients, better service’ playbook. That’s why we’re selective about who joins Nest – and only partner with agents who are truly dedicated to focusing on providing exceptional service for their clients. In the end, our reputation – and the reputation of every Nester – is stronger because we’ve taken the time to build a truly strong nest.

Creativity & Innovation

While it’s cliché to say the real estate world is changing, it is. Constantly. That’s why our role as a brokerage is to not just stay on top of, but to creatively and innovatively stay ahead of, the trends that affect our business. From providing cutting-edge marketing solutions to building our own tech, we’re at the forefront of the brokerage industry to ensure you have the tools and expertise to provide your clients with the best real estate experience possible. That’s what puts you - and Nest - in a position to succeed in the long run.

We’re Growing

Nest Realty is making some bold moves of our own. Big things are coming. The question is, are you ready? Join us.