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Amy Fraser

Managing Broker/Owner, Nest Realty Lake Norman

Nest Realty felt like a perfect fit from the moment I first came across the brand through their marketing years ago on social media. The fresh and modern perspective that stands out from the competition was immediately evident. Digging deeper into the culture and overall goals of Nest Realty, I created a personal goal within myself of bringing the Nest brand to the greater Charlotte market when the time was right. Seeing their recent growth, I knew I needed to move quickly to secure the opportunity to represent our awesome communities in Lake Norman and Charlotte. While my team and I are one of the newest Nest offices, we are already seeing the positive response from clients, other agents, and community members. They like our different approach and the catchy collateral that we have available. Plus, our entire team believes in a community based brokerage and we love the opportunity to give back and participate in local events, and better the communities in which we live. It's been a whirlwind the last six months but I couldn't image being surrounded by a better, more intentional, dedicated group of owners, leadership, and agents. There really is a difference when you connect with a Nester!

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Angie Cullen

Managing Broker/Owner, Nest Realty Asheville

At first glance we were attracted to Nest for its look. Every piece of marketing we saw was beautiful and spot on. Then we dug a little deeper to see that yes, Nest is a gorgeous brand, but there is also so much heart in everything it touches.

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Ryan Crecelius

Managing Broker/Owner, Nest Realty Wilmington

Quickly after launching my Nest office in 2014, I realized how long it would have taken me to produce the level of quality and organization that Nest offers me.

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Keith Davis

Managing Broker/Owner, Nest Realty Richmond

For the last decade, we’ve been honing the Nest persona—developing a brand that receptive Brokers can sense at their core almost immediately. We’ve been refining our value and supporting materials, and gathering feedback from our Charlottesville location and other markets.

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Sarah Stelmok

Managing Broker/Owner, Nest Realty Fredericksburg

We're taught to be so competitive with each other, and Nest makes us more cooper-tition. We have to cooperate with each other, and if you're successful, I'm successful.

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